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Create your own papercut

Have you ever wondered how to make a silhouette?

All you need is a pencil (you don't need that if you have a crazy imagination), paper and a small pair of scissors.

1. First take the paper and fold it in half.

2. Then you can start drawing.

There are no limits to the motifs and patterns.

When you are happy with your "design", make sure that you draw the lines thicker. Since you are still new, I suggest that you mark the parts that you want to be white. Make sure the lines are connected so the papercut stays together.

3. Now the real art begins. Once you've found the perfect scissors, you're ready to go. To avoid tearing the thin paper, pierce the paper with the tip of the blade and start cutting.

4. After you have cut all the "white" parts, there comes a very pleasant part. Prepare a white paper and lay it in front of you. Now slowly and carefully open the cut paper and squirt it onto the white paper with the black colour in front of it.

Now you can see how your silhouette has turned out.

5. Finally comes (in my opinion the most difficult part) the gluing. You can use a glue stick to glue your papercut onto a backing such as thickendes paper or poster board.

6. Now your artwork is finished and ready to frame.


Another technique that many people use is cutting without folding. This way you only have one shilouette, it's quite a new technique and doesn't correspond to the traditional way of cutting with scissors. Usually there is always at least a part that was folded first and opened and finished later.

Fight with ART against INFLATION

As the volatility of the stock market and other investments continue to fluctuate, many people are looking for alternative investments to protect their wealth from inflation. Art is an investment that

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Apr 03, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

thanks so much, I tried it and it is harder than excpected 😂

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