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What is a true and real Swiss papercut?

Nowadays there are many artists who call themselves Swiss silhouette artists. Unfortunately, the traditional cut has been largely lost and paper art is often declared as silhouette.

In order to be able to recognise a genuine silhouette, I will give you here the most important insights I have gained by studying earlier silhouettes:

  • The cut: a traditional silhouette is made with fine scissors. Artists often only use a scalpel or other tools and have never mastered the true craft of using scissors.

  • The style: Traditional silhouettes always have mirror-like elements. Be it only the edge or the whole silhouette. This is achieved by folding the paper. If it contains elements without reflections, it has been opened and cut to the end. In a silhouette, the lower fields are cut more densely, while the uppermost part is more open.

  • Motifs: Originally they contain motifs from rural areas. Examples are cows, huts, forests and farmers. They always depict an idyll. There are also those depicting stories from the Bible or telling fairy tales.

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